Books by Dan Needles


With Axe & Flask

Axe & FlaskThe history of Persephone Township from Pre-Cambrian Times to the Present

Followers of the Wingfield plays will know that Persephone Township is a peculiar place. This local history helps to explain how it got to be that way. From the township’s murky colonial beginnings through to the coming of the weekenders, With Axe & Flask tells the ‘warts and all’ tale of Persephone’s struggle to move from an untamed wilderness to a sleepy backwater.

Canada is a land of limited opportunity … our economic history has been enlivened by a parade of fast-talking moneymen, pirates, second-storey artists and speculators who force the pace of development with the active encouragement of the government, in a way that alarms the more prudent entrepreneurs who have already been through a couple of winters here.”

Winner of the 2003 Stephen Leacock Medal for humour.

Stephen Leacock award

Wingfield’s World

Wingfields World Book by Dan needlesThe complete collection of Wingfield stories following stockbroker-turned-farmer Walt Wingfield as he meets the neighbours, tries to plow the fields with two broken down racehorses and struggles through Persephone Township’s ferocious winters. Over six seasons on the farm, Walt falls in love, becomes a father and bonds with a very eccentric community.